Week 18 of 365 Days of Photography

Thinking about stuff?

Why not capture your thought and translate that into an image and share it online?

Remember… sharing is caring! :-)

<3 – Agent M -


Fri 27 Apr  |  REFLECTING at Collins St. Sometimes your reflection looks more vivid than the reality.


Sat 28 Apr  |  GLIMMERS OF HOPE at Freeway. Silver lining in the cloud.


Sun 29 Apr  |  COMMAND TOWER at Essendon. Ground control to Major Tom!


Mon 30 Apr  |  ORGANISATION TIME at Base. Get your life back in order!


Tue 01 May  |  YOGA CAT at Base. We can learn something from our four legged creatures!


Wed 02 May  |  TAKUSAN TABETE KUDASAI at Matsumoto Japanese Restaurant. Dinner with friends!


Thu 03 May  |  HOME -at Base. Meditation time :-)


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