Week 21 of 365 Days of Photography

This week has been a truly amazing week and journey. It opens my eyes to so many possibilities!

No matter how bad things may seem at times, as long as we are being true to ourselves and to what we know, doing what we love, and keep moving forward… we’ll meet people that we are supposed to meet, connecting one dot to the next… and we are one step closer :-)

Let the game begin!

<3 – Agent M -


Fri 18 May  |  CHEERS TO THE WEEKEND! at Lygon St


Sat 19 May  |  SPEED OF SOUND! at Pascoe Vale


Sun 20 May  |  BRANDING TO ITS MAX at Base


Mon 21 May  |  CHILL TO THE BONE at Base


Tue 22 May  |  SLEEPY LITTLE TOWN at Pascoe Vale


Wed 23 May  |  ARROWS, IT TELLS YOU WHERE TO GO at Crown Casino


Thu 24 May  |  FINDING MY FEET AGAIN at Base


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